Monday, December 24, 2012

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C.K. Bicycle Mechanic (Repair Shop / Retail Store) is no longer in business.
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San Antonio, TX 78238

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic (Repair Shop / Retail Store) is no longer in business.
"2008 - 2012"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic is no longer in business. 

Two  Things:
Two   things that make my bike repair shop unique.

1. The main activity that has put my shop on the map locally, has been the  Modern Road Bike Tune Lube and Wash Service Package, which includes a full cleaning /degrease of the entire bike. And yes, this service includes all the necessary labor to adjust everything that needs to be adjusted. This offer also applies to quality mountain bikes., with rim brakes.  Another plus about this service package, is that if your bike needs any new parts, the labor to install said parts is included. Lastly, the turnaround time is always the next business day.

2. In-House Hand-Built Wheels. Pure and Simple. No nonsense road and mountain bike wheels that are guaranteed for life to stay straight and true. 

Well, I guess that's all you need to know for now. If you got any questions, please stop by and ask...

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tune Ups Bike Wash

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic is no longer in business.

(All work comes with a full 30-day guarantee.)

Please read " A note about tune ups on the bottom of this page before ordering a tune up."

***BIKE WASH & DRIVE TRAIN DEGREASE/LUBE PLUS GEAR & BRAKE CHECK/ ADJUSTMENT For modern road bikes..............................................................................

The bike wash & drive train (Chain, Cranks, Cassette, and a detail cleaning of the derailleurs) degrease/ cleaning comes with a thorough inspection (relube) and a brake and gear adjustment's, which might be all your bike needs. If you decide you want more, you can apply the cost to a more extensive tune up. 

*Bronze Tune-Up....................................................................

  • Brake Adjustments
  • Shifter and Derailleur Adjustments
  • Full Lubrication of Chain, Derailleur, and Brakes
  • Drive train Inspection
  • True Wheels
  • Security Check on all Accessories
  • ****Plus derailleur hanger check and alignment [a C.K. Bicycle Mechanic exclusive] (If needed)

A note about tune ups.

To be totally honest, most "well kept"  road bikes don't need a very  extensive tune up. They just might need to have one or two  issue improved, such as shifting performance, or  have their handlebars re-wrapped, and having their chain and drive train cleaned, and re-lubed.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case. As even some brand new bike shop quality bikes were never set up correctly from the start. And a full tune up is needed. And when it comes to neglected road bikes, well of course they need an extensive tune up. :)

Other times, the problem might be due to some worn out parts or components ( worn out  chain rings are a main cause for poor up shifts to the big chain ring) bad chainline even on new bikes, or something like a compatibility issue,  as lot's of parts are made proprietary (so you have to stick with the same brand and exact size), and are not mixable. Therefore no amount of tuning or adjusting will solve the problem.

And lastly, if your not exactly sure what wrong with your bike, ordering a tune up is a big waste of money and time. Instead of requesting a tune up, tell the mechanic what symptoms the bike is presenting and let the mechanic try and figure it out- if the problem is not solved, no money should ever change hands.

24 to 48 Hour Turnaround.

 Notice: I Schedule maintenance with the sole goal of being able to ensure each customer gets the full attention they deserve.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mechanic Service's

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic is no longer available in San Antonio, Texas.

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic

(All work comes with a full 30-day guarantee.)

Tune, Lube & Wash:  (includes a full cleaning of chain, chain- rings , cassette, and derailleurs, plus gear & brake adjustments . I recommend this service more than any other service, that I offer. This tune up applies to Modern Road Bikes & Some Mountain Bikes.


Wheel Repairs

Tire/Tube Install Off The Bike

Tire/Tube Install On The Bike

Basic Wheel Truing (external nipples)

Adjust Hub

Overhaul Front Hub (not cartridge bearings)...

Overhaul Rear Hub (not cartridge bearings)...

Mavic "road" Rear Wheel Hub Service (Lube Pawls, Springs, and inside hub shell) Recommended when it gets noisy

Tubular Tire Install

Shifter & Derailleur Repairs
Rear Derailleur Adjustment

Front Derailleur Adjustment

Rear Derailleur Install...(includes adjustments)

Front Derailleur Install... (includes adjustments)

Shifter Cable Install (each)... (includes adjustments)

Road Shifter/Levers Install (pair)... (includes adjustments)

Re-Align Derailleur Hanger (includes Derailleur Adjustment).........$12

Brake Repairs

Brake Adjustment...

Brake Cable Install...

Rim Brake Install (each)...

Brake Pad Install (pair)...

Brake Lever Install...

Fork, Headset & Bar Repairs (Fork/ Headset sizes 1" & 1 1/8". Not 1.5" .)

Adjust Headset...

Overhaul Headset (not cartridge bearings)...

Headset Install Only...

1 1/8" Chris King Headset Installation (I use specific Chris King Adapters )...

Just Cut Steerer Tube ...

Just Install Star Nut...

Fork Install (Includes cutting steerer tube and installing star nut)...

Road Bar Install...

Wrap Handlebars.......................................................$10

Grip Install...

Aero Bar Install...

Stem Install...

Drivetrain Repairs

Clean Drivetrain...

Chain Install...

Cassette Install...

BB30 Press in bottom bracket bearings install...

BB90 Bearings in bottom bracket install...

-Adjust Bottom Bracket...

-Bottom Bracket Install ... 

-Overhaul Bottom Bracket...

-Chain ring Install (each)... (When it comes to chain rings, stick with exactly the same rings, and sizes. Replace worn one's with identical one's, or you will have shifting problems!!!

Frame Repairs & Thread Repairs

Face Headtube.................. (This service is not yet available,)

Chase Bottom Bracket Threads (With a Bottom Bracket Tap from Europe.)

Re-Align Derailleur Hanger.......................................$12

Repair "clean up" crank arm (pedal threads on crank arm, not on pedal).

This is done if installing pedals is difficult. Although, if the threads are

too stripped, this chasing/tapping might not work.................................................................................... $15.00 both sides.

Repair "clean up" rear derailleur bolt (frame) threads. This is done if

installing the derailleur is difficult. If the threads are too stripped, this

chasing/tapping might not work. .................$10.00

Misc. Repairs

Pro Bicycle Bulid (road, tri, cyclocross bicycles)...........................$75-$125

Computer Install................................................................$10- 15

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Books  - Books - Books

C.K. Bicycle Mechanic (Retail Store / Repair Shop)  is no longer in business.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Guarantee

No longer in business.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


An Introduction of C.K. Bicycle Mechanic. Okay, where should I begin? Maybe with a little history and then I'll move onto some current and future plans. But, first, as I write this, I'm listening to the radio, and as always there's a annoying commercial about some "supposed" lowest price of something. So to start off, let me mention, that I will not be... nor will I ever be the lowest price out there. Okay, now let me get back on track, with some history. Back in 2004 I sought work in a bike shop and soon got hired, where I soon began adjusting gears, brakes, hubs and everything else under the sun. But, that didn't really matter much to me, my skill's and my ever expanding bike mechanic life. Because even before then, I was determined to learn as much as I possibly could and thus, began reading every bike repair manual I could get my hands on, and to tell you the truth, I think I learned more via books than through any other form of learning. Working in a bike shop is great for developing speed, and being able to familiarize oneself with many different things, if those "different things" actually do come into said shop for service. So, after I finished reading every bike repair manual under the sun, that I could find, I then signed up for a two week class at one of the two bike repair schools in America. That was at the Barnett Bicycle Institute, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That was my first time in Colorado, but it wasn't going to be my last. Colorado would play a large part in forming a foundation for my future bicycle mechanic activities.

Now, fast forward a bit, to 2006 and my first experience working a bike race, it was intense. And then the year, 2007 rolled around and it was even better, as I became a USA Cycling & ACA certified race mechanic. The ACA (American Cycling Association)? Yeah, I was back in Colorado and helping out with the ACA/ ROL Wheel Neutral Race Support for the summer of 2007. When 2008 rolled around I moved back to Texas and even got busier with crit's, road races, time trials, triathlons and even two stage races. I though I couldn't get any busier, but yet, 2009 was even busier with races worked from California to South Carolina. Now, it's 2010 and it looks like I'll be taking a breather from being on the road and focusing more on local events and races, and on growing my business. And throughout 2010 I did....

So, when 2011 rolled around, it was time to take that next step, and move into a commercial space and start operating with regular hours, and start promoting the selling of essential products and services. So, I found a small space about five miles from where I lived and signed a one year lease. I'm still pretty much just a problem solver, as most of my income is coming from labor. But, in the past few days, I've started to promote the selling of more used and possible new cycling books. Hopefully, soon I'll also be adding a few road cycling art pieces to my inventory too. But, it's not easy to find stuff that fits into the shops "Road Bike Stuff" theme. A note on growing my business... When it comes to growing my business, I believe a business should fund itself, and grow one customer at a time. This of course isn't the fastest way, but I'm not big on speed. I prefer quality over quantity, and good things take a while to grow and become established. But, yet I still don't want quality, just for qualities sake. I want to grow in a socially responsible manner. You know, by using environmentally friendly products and practices, and trying to make a positive difference in the world. An example of environmentally friendly practices can be found in the products I stock, sell, and use, such as Pedro's Go! , which is a biodegradable chain lube. Pedro's also make some tire changing levers that are made from recycled materials. Another product, that I'm proud to carry is Planet Bike Handlebar Tape, because Planet Bike gives 25% of it's profit's to bicycle advocacy. Yeah, that's cool. And when it comes to being made in the USA, I decided to carry spacers from Bicycle Research, because they are made in America. And lastly, when utilizing the tools that I use most often, I mainly choose Park Tool's, because they are of the best quality.

Well now it's 2012. Well actually, it's now only a few days away from being May 2012. And, as such, I really got to say: "Thanks for coming out and supporting my shop". For me, the past 15 or so months have been good, bad, interesting, and even a bit boring at times too. But, nonetheless, the past 15 months have made my little bicycle repair shop a solid reality for me, and the cycling public of San Antonio, Texas too.

Remember, this is just the beginning, and there will be many more interesting things to come in the future.

So, please stay tuned and thanks for you support...